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Who are Matic Media?

MaticmediaMatic Media is a multi-disciplined visual display solutions provider.  Yea, so what does that mean? 

Specialising in wide format print for graphics and exhibition stands our complimentary services include signage, traditional print, graphic design, web development  and programming. It also owns and operate the websites and

But, what makes us different?

We do just about everything in-house, no outsourcing.  The difference is that we are able to take a project from concept to completion but more importantly but more commonly design/marketing agencies who's creative ideas we make a reality.  We also have the only flatbed printer in scotland that can print to almost anything with white ink capability at photographic quality.

What is our Expertise?

We produce creative works for many different media types on a daily basis – brochures, booklets, catalogues, leaflets, posters, flags, backdrops, vehicle wraps, building wraps, exhibition stands.

We are experts at designing and identifying the technical considerations for both small and large format print.

We have an extensive knowledge of display hardware and designing for exhibitions, events and conferences.

We have the skills in-house to offer advice or make site-visits to administrate accurate site surveys that will result in achievable, effective and efficient outcomes.

We understand media and substrates for graphic display requirements, thus understanding what is achievable, affordable and even the environmental alternatives to meet the demands of restrictive budgets or policy constraints.

We have over 15 year’s collaborative web development experience including digital/video graphic displays at events and conference.

We manage emailable brochures and conference applications forms.

We develop animation for exhibition displays using FLASH, HTML, Javascript, Premier PRO, After Effects and 3D Studio Max.