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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to our frequently asked questions, please read through them as they answer 90% of all enquiries.

Q: I'm having trouble uploading my photo?

 You've been having problems with our uploader. This is designed to take files between 1.5MB and 8MB. If your file is larger that this then you must reduce the size. Our wallART is designed to be viewed at a distance of 1.5m and does not require to be larger than this.

What If My Image Is Smaller Than This?

Our system will let your upload your photo but you'll get a warning message when you pick your size if it's less than our recommended DPI (Dots Per Inch) for printing.  If we suggest the photo is too low a quality for the size you have selected we strongly recommend you use another photo.

 If you cannot see your uploaded image:

 Our uploader requires flash and your browser may not have it enabled. As a work around we have enabled an email system. If you send your photo as an attachment to you'll receive an automated email back in about 15 minutes depending on the load of our servers. The email response will have a link allowing you to process your order. This is an automated service and we do not see your image once you have emailed it to this address. If you have not received this email please check your junk folder before contacting us.

 What to do if I still cannot see my preview:

 Our software works with most web browsers but some older systems or restricted access may not allow you to see the image. We cannot process you image for you manually because we receive many 1000’s of images per month. If your browser does not support our software please try an alternative computer before contacting us.

Q:  I have a non-digital photo do you offer scanning facilities?

A:  We do not offer this service I'm afraid as we do not have the facilities to offer a high quality scan service.

Q:  Can I group together multiple orders to save on delivery costs?

A:  Yes!  If you have multiple vouchers just redeem them at the voucher redemption page here as you add each item to the cart it our delivery price will be shown according to the number of items.  Generally as a rule of thumb it's £7.95 for your first item and £5 for every item thereafter.

Q:  My photo won't fit in the crop box?

A: Our system takes into account the size of the photoart against the size of your photo. Your photo maybe in 16:9 aspect ratio so it won't fit completely in our 3:2 aspect ratio that most of our photoARTs are (it will cut of the left and right). I can only recommend using another photo or selecting one of our other sizes at a different size.

If you are simply having problems sizing the crop box up - try double clicking it in the middle to size it up to the maximum size it will go to.

Q:  Can I track my order?

A: We aim for a 7 to 10 day dispatch window for your order. On dispatch of your item you will receive an automated email from the PhotoArt system.  If your delivery method is Yodel you will have a tracking link for your order in your email.

 If you have not received your order or dispatch email after 15 working days of your order please contact us.

Q:  When will my order be dispatched?

A: See our "How it Works Page".

Q:  My voucher isn't working?

A: If you purchased your voucher yesterday or over the weekend you voucher most likely hasn't been activated yet. We aim to have all vouchers activated by 5pm so please try again at 5pm. If this doesn't apply to you please respond back to this email.

Q:  My voucher has expired can I extend it?

A: Yes! Send through your voucher number  and if you voucher has it a security number (Groupon Vouchers have security numbers) to our email Then we'll manually extend your voucher for you.  Sometimes we won't be able to extend your voucher but if you send through your information we'll see what we can do.