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In short you do not have to worry, we never see your credit card details.

We use the service of Paypoint to process your credit card payment.  We pay them a transaction fee to handle the security of taking your payment.

How does it work?

Once you have completed your order and finalised your delivery details you will be invited to enter your credit card details.  At this point you will be using a secure connection that will encrypt your details so that other cannot read your details as they are passed over the Internet.  Your credit card details are then passed to Paypoint using a secure encryption.  Paypoint authorise the payment and then send you back to a page within our site.

Why do we do it this way?

We prefer to know that we are using the absolutely best technology to protect our customers.  Plus, we NEVER see your credit card details.

Do other websites do this?

Yes, almost all websites will process your payment in this way.

Who are Paypoint?