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Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Mini Print on a Dinky Easel

Mini Photo Art with a tiny Cute Easel!

Are these just not the cutest things ever?

A great gift for friends and family but you can buy a voucher and get your friend to upload their own image!  These little guys are 10cm x 7.5cm (about 4" x 3") and the come with a cute little wooden easel.

mini canvas easels

Why are these a great alternative to standard Sized Canvas Prints?
The fantastic thing about these prints is that they are very personal but not obtrusive.  It is quite difficult to make sure you have pitched someones taste quite right when buying a wallART as a gift.  This small photoARTs are unique, tasteful and soooo cute.

Mini_Canvas_with_hand_for _easel

They travel great too, which means we can post them straight to you using conventional mail.
Also you don’t have to worry about the size and quality so much because you can use cell phone images too for your minimart – the resolution is lower but make sure the colours are vibrant enough!
Environmentally Friendly...
Yep, we developed this product because we required a way of utilising our waste product.  We use the off-cuts of blackART, WhiteART and Canvas to produce these little products.

Incidentally, all the waste wood, cardboard and paper is used to heat our factory.  All plastics we can't reuse are sent to a recycling plant.

Price: £19.99 + P&P £4.99



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